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Open Letter to Presdent George W. Bush

September 18, 2005
Mr. George W. Bush,
United States of America.
Ref. Statement expressed by KaRen Community of Minnesota (KCM)

Dear Mr. President,
We, the KaRen Community of Minnesota, desire to humbly and sincerely make known to you our sentiments.

We as a KaRen people make up the second largest ethnic group, after the Burmese, in the land that the world has come to know as Burma. As a people, we KaRens cherish and embrace peace, democracy, freedom, liberty, national solidarity as well as the right to equal opportunity and justice.

In the world view of the history of Burma, our KaRen people were the first to establish an independent nation in the then unpopulated region. Our Calendar year has now been established as 2744. The Burmese people encroached upon our homeland a lot later (their Calendar year is merely 1367) and imposed their feudal system upon us. Terrorizing and plundering, enslaving and decimating us through deceit and intimidation we were soon robbed of our hereditary land and independence by the Burmese feudal lords.

During WWII, we KaRens were active participants in the British sponsored anti-fascist resistance against the Japanese, whereas the Burmese Independence Army trained by the fascist Japanese, invited the Japanese into Burma, fighting alongside them against the Allied forces.

Many KaRen lives were sacrificed for the Allied cause. For this loyalty to the Allied forces, the high brass of British Army promised our KaRen Leaders, orally, an independent KaRen Homeland (KawThooLay) after the war.

However after the close of WWII, the British abrogated their promise made to us KaRens for an independent homeland, instead they granted an independent Burma to the very same Burmese who had initially fought with the Japanese against the Allied Forces.

After the Burmese gained their independence, Karen National Union (KNU), marshalling all the KaRens in Burma, organized a peacefully rally asking for our own autonomous KaRen Homeland within the Union of Burma. We explored every possible avenue to reach a reasonable accord.
However the Burmese government then, as well as the present Burmese Military Dictatorship in various incarnations are intransigent. Through military might and terrorists acts they still continue to deny and crush the justifiable aspirations of our KaRen nation for an autonomous Federal KaRen State within the Union of Burma.

Our KaRen people detest war. It's inherent in our nature to seek peace and accommodation. We have always desired to solve the KaRen issue for autonomy through peaceful political process.
Numerous times we have met with various ruling Burmese military officials to negotiate our national aspirations, but they would always demand a complete surrender of our arms, leaving us totally vulnerable to their rapacious scheme of ethnic cleansing.

We KaRens have no other choice but continue our struggle for liberation. It has been over 56 years that the Burmese governments – both civil and military – have waged war on peace loving KaRen people. During those years of Burmese oppressive terrorism, thousands of our KaRen people have been slaughtered. Hundreds of our villages have been torched and depopulated. Thousands of our KaRen women have been raped. Incalculable amount of our property and natural resources in our homeland has been laid to waste.
Raping and pillaging continues without any abatement till this day. The scorched earth policy exercised by the Burmese military dictatorship has imposed untold misery upon us KaRens. Our situation is so deplorable. Our young KaRen boys and girls have no opportunity for even a basic education. Indeed, our future is extremely bleak there in Burma.

The predatory operations by the Burmese military junta, SPDC (euphemistically proclaimed themselves, State Peace and Development Committee) against the ethnic minorities, primarily KaRens and Shans, has resulted in tens of thousands of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) especially along the Thai-Burma border.

Their bankrupt, directionless economic policy has plummeted Burma into the shameful LDC (Least Developed Countries) camp. The country is on the verge of famine, some areas have already been stricken with famine.

This military dictatorship - SPDC have the dubious distinction as being one of the worst human rights violators. They learnt their fascist ways from their mentor, the infamous Fascist Japanese of WWII and unrelentingly engaging it to terrorize and oppress other ethnic groups within the country in their megalomaniac quest for their 4th Burmese Dynasty.

As with most dictatorship, SPDC is not an elected governing body. It is not even a legitimate government. In the democratic election which they themselves sponsored in 1990, they lost overwhelmingly (82%) to NLD (National League for Democracy) the popular people's party of Noble laureate AungSanSuuKyi. Yet, they denied the mandate of the people and refused to transfer power or governance over to NLD. They have suspended all democratic rights in the country.

They are also known to have rendered aid and protection to opium Czars, men wanted by United States of America for their nefarious activities. They continue to be involved in the production and distribution of opium, heroin and amphetamines.

These clandestine activities pursued by SPDC would only exacerbate the dangers posed by drug addiction and weaken the moral fabric of society in the USA. They are also known to be pursuing nuclear weapons capability through Russia and North Korea governments. It is a known fact that SPDC has sent hundreds of their army officers to Russia to study the production and use of nuclear weapons. Therefore SPDC, the Burmese Military Dictatorship is a threat to world peace and stability.

We KaRens of KCM (KaRen Community of Minnesota) therefore humbly request of you, Dear Mr. President, immediate action on your government's part to effect the following :-

1… that there be cessation of SPDC troop build-up in and around our KaRen State.

2…that a democratic federal union of states be formed, from all major ethnic groups including the Burmese as one of the constituent states.

3…that KaRen refugees languishing in camps along Thai-Burma border be brought over and allowed to resettle in USA.

4…that the illegitimate government of Burma (SPDC) be denied a seat in United Nations Organization.

5…that SPDC's nuclear weapons program be brought to a halt.

6…that SPDC's drug activities be stopped.

7…that SPDC's military government be removed and replaced by a multi-national and multi-party government.

Dear Mr. President,

We (KCM) thank you profusely for allowing us refugees come to resettle in United States of America. We, along with our spouses and children are now enjoying to the fullest the true meaning of freedom and liberty. We appreciate the generous aid afforded us, by Minnesota Government's agencies as well as assistance from numerous religious and social organizations along our path to resettlement. Our future now appears illuminatingly bright here in the USA.

We are appreciative also of the generosity of the American people and their unstinting support rendered to our KaRen people in our time of dire need.

We, KaRens therefore pledge to :-
Live our life in accordance with the ideals of an American citizen.
Learn the American way of governance and uphold and obey the principles of American legal system. Safeguard and perpetuate the freedom and liberty enjoyed by all Americans.
Assist to the best of our ability, America's fight against terrorists and terrorism around the world.

Mr. President,
May you have a long healthy life.
May God Bless the United States of America.

The executive committee
KaRen Community of Minnesota (KCM)
Sept 18, 2005

cc. Governor, State of Minnesota.
Mayor, St Paul, MN

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